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Europe Recalls The Horror 70 Years After Nazi Camps Liberated

European leaders on Sunday remembered the atrocities of concentration camps run by the Nazis and their allies during the Second World War with ceremonies in Germany, Croatia and France

Don't Miss Mayweather Vs Pacquiao On PPV

Witness as pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather puts his legacy on the line against 8-division world champion Manny Pacquiao.

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The One Number To Know Before Getting Student Loans

Think about how much you'll pay each month before signing up for student loans

Report: Jon Jones Named Suspect in Hit and Run Accident

UFC champion Jon Jones has been named the suspect in a hit and run accident that happened in Albuquerque on Sunday. Jones is wanted for questioning by the Albuquerque Police Department.

The Caribbean Once Had Cat-Sized Rats

A recently published analysis of ancient DNA from giant Caribbean rodents called rice rats has found that human settlement was largely responsible for their extinction due to deforestation and the introduction of predatory mongooses.

Salma Hayek hopes 'The Prophet' inspires new generations

Salma Hayek says she hopes 'The Prophet' can inspire young generations to think out of the box

DIY Green Tea Spray

Meet your skin's new best friend, green tea spray! This stuff is amazing. We show you how to make your own. Trust us, you'll want to take it everywhere you go.

Leave your selfie sticks at home, say Wimbledon organizers

Wimbledon bans selfie sticks at the tournament because of contraption's 'nuisance value'

Barcelona Bullet

Nicknamed the 'Barcelona Bullet', local driver Pedro de la Rosa gives Amanda Davies a track tour of the host circuit for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Introducing The New FiOS Lounge

Have a laugh, learn a trick and discover the awesomeness of FiOS. Interest piqued? Explore FiOS Lounge today.

The Search for ‘Sexy’ at Shanghai’s Auto Show

Car show officials banned models and loud music at Auto Shanghai 2015, but WSJ’s Colum Murphy finds sensuality endures at China’s annual car showcase. PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

Latest on Boston trial: Defense says Tamerlan fueled plot

The latest on Boston bombing trial: Defense says Tamerlan fueled plot, Dzhokhar was 'good kid'

Kim Kardashian: supports Bruce Jenner's gender transition

Kim Kardashian says family supports Bruce Jenner's gender transition; that he's found peace

Justin Bieber Crashes Senior Prom

Justin Bieber crashed a prom on Saturday and managed to live to tell the tale. The 21-year-old showed up unexpectedly to the Chatsworth High School dance in Los Angeles and was met by a mob of screaming seniors who nearly crushed him! At one point, the Biebs was even knocked to the ground. "THANK YOU @justinbieber FOR THE BEST PROM," wrote one teen, who also posted, "Still can’t believe I danced w/ @justinbieber at prom."

Quacking Duck Ringtone Helps Firefighter Rescue Ducklings

Cellphone ringtone aids rescue of baby ducks from Louisiana storm drain

Johns Hopkins Student Body Votes ‘No' To Chick-Fil-A

The Student Government Association at Johns Hopkins University has recently voted to oppose the opening of any Chick-fil-A on campus, should that possibility arise in the future, due to perceived anti-gay comments made by the company’s CEO.

April 27th: A Day In History

A lot of pretty interesting things have happened on April 27th throughout the years. Here's a rundown of what makes this day historical.

Teen who fought cancer treatment heading home from hospital

Teen forced by Connecticut Supreme Court to undergo cancer treatment finishes chemotherapy

Lauer, DeGeneres team for racy Daytime Emmys opening

Lauer, DeGeneres help Daytime Emmys make racy return to TV; Betty White gets lifetime award

Drone video shows Nepal earthquake disaster

Aerial footage shot by a drone over Kathmandu, Nepal, shows the scale of devastation in that area.

President Obama Shares His Bucket List at the WHCD

President Obama doesn't have a bucket list, he has something that rhymes with 'bucket list'.

Joss Whedon Still Interested in Directing a DC Movie - IGN News

Joss Whedon says he's still interested in making a movie for DC, talks Wonder Woman, and says he desperately wanted to make a Batman movie.

Quacking duck ringtone helps firefighter rescue ducklings

Cellphone ringtone _ 'Quack! Quack!' _ aids rescue of baby ducks from Louisiana storm drain