Beyonce Flaunts Exclusive Apple Watch

You can't buy this model with a gold link bracelet. Check out Beyonce's hot new accessory that's not available for purchase.

Designer Of Iconic Las Vegas Sign Has Died

The 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas' sign is one of the most recognizable and iconic signs in the world. Its designer, Betty Willis, passed away at the age of 91 on April 19th.

What ISIS really wants: An in-depth examination

Insight from The Atlantic's Graeme Wood

Cubs-Pirates Game Delayed After Foul Ball Hits Fan in Head

Monday night's Cubs-Pirates game was delayed 23 minutes after a fan was struck on the head by a foul ball through the netting behind home plate.

Airbus Is Making Its Seats Even Smaller

Airbus is adding a seat to its A380 configuration, meaning all the seats are getting smaller, something consumers are sure to love.

What is listeria?

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen explains what listeria is and how you can avoid getting it.

Did Lady Gaga Get a New Pup?

Is Lady Gaga’s family growing? The 29-year-old arrived at LAX on Sunday to catch a flight out of town and was photographed carrying the cutest French bulldog puppy. And no, it wasn’t her four-legged sidekick Asia. The adorable little pup was tucked under Mama Monster’s snakeskin coat while a bodyguard walked Asia on a leash alongside her. While we aren’t 100 percent sure if Gaga has adopted the sweet furry friend or if she’s dogsitting,

Town Wants Outdoor Activities Postponed Due to Coyote Concerns

An aggressive coyote was captured in Norwood, New Jersey Monday, but authorities fear there could be more.

Wed Bed or Dead: Avengers 2 Premiere Edition!

We play "Wed, Bed or Dead" with 'Guardians of the Galaxy' director James Gunn and actor Michael Rooker, 'Ant-Man' actor David Dastmalchian and Nerdist's Chris Hardwick.

How to Navigate the Apple Watch in 10 Helpful Moves

Two buttons, a microphone and a force-sensitive screen: here are the ways to make the Apple Watch do things quickly and efficiently.

Not All Cast Members Will Return for Full House Spinoff on Netflix

Netflix has announced a reboot of Full House - but there's already some kinks in the plans!

At Least 3 Dead After Migrant Boat Runs Aground Off Rhodes

A boat carrying migrants has run aground off the Greek island of Rhodes and at least three people have drowned.

'My Cat From Hell': Albert Makes Great Strides with His Licking Problem

Mad Licker Albert is showing major progress after Jackson's visits.

Kraft changing popular mac and cheese recipe

Kraft is changing its mac and cheese recipe after food blogger Food Babe rallied her supporters around the unnatural dyes in the childhood favorite. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

Millennials Are More Likely To Get Cash From Parents

A new study by USA Today and Bank of America found that millennials rely on their parents more than previous generations.

How to Make Peas and Bacon Salad

Learn this easy peas and bacon recipe from the Food Mob!

Waka Flocka Flame's 2016 Platform Prioritizes Education, Weed Legalization

Waka Flocka Flame joins HuffPost Live to talk about running for president in 2016.

Kendall Jenner for GQ: The Bonus Cut

See even more from our sexy cover shoot with Kendall Jenner

7 Taylor Swift Songs Ranked

It’s a difficult task, but we’re ranking seven of Taylor’s best songs EVER!

Top 10 Movies to Watch While High

Some movies are even better when you'€™re under the influence of a little something something. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Movies to Watch While High.

Mortal Kombat X Story DLC, Alan Wake Sequel, and More

Mortal Kombat X gets a ton of juicy DLC news and Remedy is considering making a sequel to Alan Wake. Meanwhile Splatoon gets a special Wii U bundle and Epic loses one of their best.

WSJ Market Wrap: April 21, 2015

U.S. stocks declined Tuesday after a mixed bag of earnings reports. International Business Machines on Monday reported a 12% decrease in revenue. Photo: AP

'Science Space': Hubble's Problem with Micro Meteoroids

Science Channel gets the inside scoop on the "Apollo 13" moment the mission team had with the Hubble Telescope.

'Deadliest Catch': How Captain Phil Began His Legacy

Was that signature Cornelia Marie blue a mistake? How did Phil overhaul his new boat to make it an elite crab fishing vessel? Find out here!

Cute white tiger cub falls into play pool

Cute white tiger cub takes a tumble into a play pool and is rescued by his brothers.

Raptors GM may have more problems on his hands than just hefty fine for swearing

Masai Ujiri was fined $35K this week by the NBA

Do Heartburn Symptoms Signal Something Worse?

The Doctors discuss three serious conditions that can mimic symptoms of heartburn.

Beyonce Flaunts Exclusive Apple Watch

You can't buy this model with a gold link bracelet. Check out Beyonce's hot new accessory that's not available for purchase.

Firefighters Find Kitten Near Blaze During Live TV Segment

In the final moments of a WPLG television news broadcast concerning the Miami-area brush fire, firefighters can be seen rescuing a kitten that was hiding in a box.